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Website Management


Your website is the lifeblood of your business.  It is the way that you present your business to potential customers. It is THE MOST important of any marketing campaign.  SEM Cost per click can be impacted by your website.  Your rank on search engines can be impacted by your website. Your messaging and branding on Social Media can be impacted by your website.  We could keep going but we are sure you get the message. 

Therefore it is important to not only have your website be designed with eye-catching graphics, attention-getting visual elements, but also to be managed so that you can continually put your business’ best foot forward. You can add new services, promote new products, showcase your work, keeping your business fresh and in people’s minds. 

Your website is how your consumers are going to decide to call you over another service. In the home services market, a competitive market, this can mean the difference between a sale and just another viewer.  End the window shopping and make the sale with website management services from Rank 10 Media 

Keys to a Great Website

Core Platform

What is the best platform for your site with what you are trying to accomplish? Depending on your goals you might need a different system than you think!  

Eye-Catching Graphics

When you’re building a site, you want to start planning the graphics that you want to build around. With short attention spans the better the graphics the long people will stay.

Employ Psychology

There have been studies that show what captures people attention, makes them keep scrolling on a screen, and what they are looking for. Employ all these techniques in your site.  

Mobile Layout

The world is on their phones, you should be on their phones too. When choosing a look and what information to present always make sure it looks good on a mobile phone.  

Website Management

Content Writing

When developing content for your website, keep in mind what pages you are writing for. Are these for SEO, SEM, or to sell your business – it matters!

Add Extras 

Depending on the platform you build your website on there are several modules and plugins that enhance not your only sites, visuals but rankings as well. 

Organize Your Forms

Make sure your forms are working and organize them by type and name so that you can see where your form submissions are coming from 

Link Up Analytics

Finally, make sure you link up your analytic accounts and all tracking accounts to your website so you can get data and feedback immediately

Website Help?

Rank 10 Media is all about giving advice to businesses.  If you are looking to read more about website advice, tips, or tricks, then click the link below to be taken to our website help!