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SEO is the lifeblood of your business.  It is the method in how you increase your rankings so more people see who you are and what you do.  It is how you make sure that your business’ website is coming up in search results for all major search engines, not only on desktops, but mobile devices as well. 

It is also the Wild West out there.  Your competition wants to get ranked just as much as you do and will use every trick in the book to raise their positioning on search results to make them appear above you.  Therefore search results are constantly changing, constantly being updated, depending on the time of year or how much work another business is putting in over yours.  This might seem like a hopeless battle, but there are definitely ways to get your business to come up for all the services you offer in the local markets you want to showcase in sometimes even get ranked multiple times on the first page if you know what you are doing and are good enough.  

Let’s face it though, you have to run your business.  That’s what you do best,  This is where our SEO team comes in.  Let us worry about the fight. We’ll be your champion and make sure that you come up as much as possible.  Let us worry about the updating, the content, the tricks, the tools, the submissions.  You do you what you do best and keep answering the phone.  

If you want to see how your business is doing right now, then request a free report from one of our team members by clicking here.  This is a hand made and researched report, not some pre-built tool that only tells you nonsense, this is an honest and trustworthy resource you can rely on to make sure your business is being found. When you are ready, get started with the experts in SEO. Click the button below to speak with an expert in the field, or fill out the form to the right.  

The SEO Process

Website Analysis

Our team looks at the tools you already have and what you are currently doing. Is it working? Should we build upon it or start from scratch? Let’s find out.  

Client Requirements

We then will establish your goals.  What services are more important than others. Isolate your highest ROI and best market area. From there we expand.

Keyword Research

We will gather an analysis to see what the most searched phrases are used by people who are in a target market area you want.   

Content Writing

The way you write the content for SEO matters! Keywords, Information, and Structure all play a part in your content getting ranked. 


Website Optimization

After the content is added to the site it is important to look at the back end system to make sure that loads fast, looks right, and uses admin tools to get ranked

 Seo Submission

Add the new pages to your sitemap file, and then make sure that you submit the site to be updated to search engines. CMS modules will definitely help with this.   

Link Building

After your content is live, you can then make sure that your article gets read and linked to by other sites.  This is why the content you write and presentation of your business matters.  


All the SEO can be done correctly but if it doesn’t make your phone ring, what is the point?  This is why Rank 10 focuses on reporting and accountability so you know what we are doing, and if it is working. 

SEO Client Profile 1

SEO Client Profile 1

See how we were able to get their site ranked multiple times on the first page.

SEO Client Profile 2

SEO Client Profile 2

See how the structure of the content was able to help them make sense of their program

SEO Client Profile 3

SEO Client Profile 3

See the increases in phone calls for this business and how we were able to get them there 

SEO Help?

Rank 10 Media constantly adds articles about SEO and help to our site to give not only our customers but other business owners and opportunity to learn more about how SEO is done, changes, and news in the industry.  To check out our created content and to read more about SEO news around the web click the button below.