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SEM is a great way to get leads to your website fast and quick.  If you want more phone calls faster, this is the way to do it. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, it’s buying your placements on a search page forcing customers to see your name and website before they get to the mail SEO results on the page. If SEO is considered a marathon, SEM would be the sprint. 

It might seem like SEM is the cure-all answer for your business, and you’re right, depending on your goals, it can be.  However, the reality is that unless it is managed correctly, set up correctly, and utilized correctly.  You could be paying for hits but not leads.  Remember every click costs you money.  Think of SEM like window shopping down a city street, you have to advertise correctly in order to get people into your store.  When you are running an SEM campaign the same principles apply.  Ensure you are spending your hard-earned dollars on quality leads – leads that maximize your ROI. 

Finally, think about the way people search especially with the advent of VEM: Voice Engine Marketing.  Think about the searches, run the models, and ensure success with your phrases.  (Ex. if you are an exterior contractor make sure you use negative keywor phrases so you didn’t spend money on your ad coming up for a search of “Windows 7 repair” because you did a broad-based search of “Windows Repair”)  It might seem like businesses need a doctorate in setting up and managing adwords, but all they really need is Rank 10 media.  We do not resell ads, we do not waste your money, we manage your campaign and match track the clicks to make sure you are getting a return.  If you are ready to start having an expert service manage your ad word campaign, or ready to start getting phone calls immediately calls us now using the number below or fill out the form to the right for a free SEM analysis of your business. 

The SEM Process

Campaign Analysis

Our team looks at the keywords you already going after and what you are currently doing. Is it working? Should we build upon it or start from scratch? Let’s find out.  

Isolate Goals

We then will establish your goals.  What services are more important than others. Isolate your highest ROI and best market area.

Keyword Research

What are the most expensive keywords? What are the cheapest? What will get you the best traffic and the best lead? We will make sure to give you the full report.   

Setting a Budget

You can pause, unpause, divide, stretch, blast the market; how you spend your budget is up to you. We’ll make sure to make it profitable for your business as possible. 

SEM process

Write the Ads

Quality Keyword Score matters. Use the keyword in the search, use your name, isolate a capturing message, to make sure you stand apart.

 Set Modifiers

Add negative keywords, structured snippet extensions, modifiers, search identifiers, catalogs, optimized links, connect to your other marketing materials. 

Optimize Your Website

Did you know that the placement and cost of your ad is dependent on what you have on your site? We will make sure that your website helps you lower your CPC and maximize placement.   


Connecting your AdWords to your analytics and business profile is key! Do not run any ads without it.  Make sure you know your ads are working and you are not wasting your money with our specialized reporting.

SEM Help?

Rank 10 Media constantly adds articles about SEM and help on to our site to give not only our customers but other business owners and opportunity to learn more about how SEM is done, changes, and news in the industry.  To check out our created content and to read more about SEM news around the web click the button below.