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Reporting & Metrics


Perhaps the most important part of your marketing is the analytic and reporting side.  This will let you know that your marketing efforts are working. More importantly, it lets you know that your marketing service is working for you.  There is nothing more invalueble than knowing that your marketing dollars are working and that they are working for you. 

In order to properly know whether your marketing is working you should know what the results and the data means.  This is where Rank 10 comes in. We work with businesses so they know what their data and reporting are actually telling them.  We teach you the important things you need to know and how to read your data so that you can be certain that we are doing what we promised to do. 

We know that the biggest frustration for businesses that have tried digital marketing companies in the past is that they don’t know what they paid for.  Either that company promised things they didn’t deliver or they lied to them. This leads to a lot of businesses getting frustrated and giving up. Rank 10 Media looks to change that mentality and give you the information you need which not only tells you more than you need to know, but holds out feet to the fire and holds us accountable. 

Joing the marketing revolution and join us at Rank 10 so we can work with you, not against you, and we can meet your business’ goals together. 

Analytic and Reporting Information

Google Analytics


Google Business Profile

Have you claimed your business profile yet? Here’s how to check, search your business and your listing should come up on the right.  If you see “Do you own this business” you have not claimed your business profile. Call us now, we’ll walk you throught it

Facebook Metrics

Not only does Facebook give you reporting on your page, but each individual post as well.  You can use this data to set up another audience that mirrors those that like your page and advertise to them! 

Call Tracking

Most business don’t believe they need call tracking…until they see it.  Wth call tracking you can listen in to see how people that work for you answert he phone and facilitate a sale after answering.

Analytic tools

Website Flow

In your Google Analytics there is an important tab called “Behavior Flow”.  This shows you what pages people landed on in your site and where they went to from there. 


Do you know how the majoroty of people find your site?  In your Google Analytics there is a section dedicated to showing you how people found and entered your site.  

Load Speeds

There is a site made by Google Developers that will give you insights on your site’s load speeds. It will tell you what takes the longest time to load, what people see first, and will help you with design.


Linked Systems

Always links your analytics, ad word campaigns, business profiles, and social media accounts together as much as possible. This will give you the most accurate data on your customer acquisitions

Reporting and Analytic Help

Here is where you can read more about how Rank 10 Media reports to their clients. It will also contain different things and ways to interpret your data as well.